Coaching 2013-2014
Stroud Table Tennis Club restarts at Stratford Park Leisure Centre on September 7th and will run continuously through to June 28th 2014 except for 14th September, 21st/28th December and 19th April.

Start and finish times are unchanged from 11:00am -1:00pm

We are replacing the old 'wheel less' table with a more modern foldaway (with wheels!), replacing two of the foldaways with rollaways and bringing in another rollaway which, with the Leisure Centre table gives us 10 tables.

County coach Graham Slack will again be taking the majority of coaching sessions every two weeks or so.

ETTA membership is now a pre-requisite for all Premier Club players whether playing in local leagues or just for fun This can be done on line at or if you don't have access to the internet, using forms available on Saturdays.